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We are an IB World School





Welcome letter - by the principal

Our school started its first school year in September 1993. With this we are the oldest and most experienced among the hundreds of secondary schools founded after the political changes in Hungary. Regarding its atmosphere, the composition of  students and our everyday life we are an international school, but as the curriculum and the diploma are concerned, we operate as a public school of Hungary and provide the official secondary-school diploma called 'Érettségi'. The language of instruction, however, is English.


We are a small school with a very warm and open atmosphere. A great advantage of ours is that in the small classes there is personal connection between the teachers and the students, providing possibility for more personal attention given to each student. Languages are taught in divided groups securing differential instruction best suiting the students' level and personal needs.


Our students are not only from Hungary but from the different countries of Europe, America, Australia, Africa, China and Vietnam. The acquisition of English is eased by the use of English outside the classrooms, since this is the only common language for our multicultural group of students.


Among our highly educated and professionally prepared teaching staff there are foreigners, as well as Hungarians, many having international diplomas and teaching practice.


We put great emphasis on international connections. We are actively participating in international school projects and student exchange programs. During the four years of secondary school every student has the opportunity to participate in a one-week-long study tour in England and take part in the ski camps organized every year to Austria. Beside these there are a lot of extra-curricular activities organized by our school.