Kiss Milán 11.b (Honvéd SE) National Bronze in Basketball


2024. May 6.

Fair play cup football success!

Finishing at 9-16 out of 150 teams is a great success.
Congrats to the team and Ms Ágota (coach)

2024. April 11.

Sporty February

Pap Linda, 12A, Winner of the "Excellence in Sports, Excellence in Learning" award
Om Panda , Vivaan Agarwal, IB year 1 Second place in the national competition of Diákolimpia, in Badminton pairs competition!!!!

2024. March 4.

Football Success! In best 30 out of 150 teams in Budapest

2024. March 1.

Sailing results reloaded

Congratulations to Takács Zsombor (11.B). He came 15th in the 2023 ILCA National Championships, ILCA7, U21 8th place

2023. December 1.

October Champions! Congratulations!

1: Sara Monika Hanga (9A) won the 2023 Grand Prix Cup, Hungarian Championship, in the BigFree team category and she finished 5th at 2023 FitKid European Championship in Spain!
2: Pap Linda (12A) won the silver medal at the World Cup in Rock'n'Roll Acrobatic and bronze at the Ladies formation World Championship
3: Pap Lola (9A) won the silver medal at the Girls formation World Championship Rock'n'Roll Acrobatic and finished 5th in the junior couples World Championship

2023. November 24.

Victory at McDonalds Fair Play Cup


2023. November 8.

Charity Donation of IB Valentine Ball Goes to Children's Clinic and Cancer Foundation!

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2023. March 23.

Czech-Hungarian Student Exchange

Czech-Hungarian Student Exchange Programme continues between Gymnázium Olomouc and our school.
Time of the programme: 7th-11th June 2022.
We are looking for participants and host families.

2022. April 22. 01:15

Farewell videos 2021

2021. June 17.

Celebrating 5 years Anniversary of becoming an IB World School

2021. January 3.

Higher Education Admissions 2020

Our students feel privileged to continue their studies at these Universities

2020. October 19.

Contact details of our class 2019 (IB and ISGS):

2019. October 16.

Student exchange in the Czech Republic

In September 2019 8 of our students participated in a student exchange in the Czech Republic. The students of the English section of the Gymnázium Olomouc-Hejcín hosted us during this eventful week.

2019. October 7.