How to apply

1. Please feel free to come and visit us  and experience the school atmosphere, and visit some lessons on one of our Open Days. During Open Days, if your native language is not English, you can fill out an English level test to see if your level of knowledge is sufficient.

2. Complete the application form online (indicating which day you wish to take the English level test -this step is not necessary for native English speakers, but still we would like to conduct an oral interview with you).

3. Please come for an English level test at the time indicated by you.

4. You will be preassigned to a class after the level test. You will have the chance to be admitted to the first grade (9th) provided that your English knowledge is sufficent, that is above 70% on the test. Please note, that the final placement decision is based on your former school report/certificates of the last two school years.

5.  If you wish to be admitted to a higher class, this would only be possible after successfully passing a corresponding English level test for the class selected. 

6. The result of the English level test and preliminary placement will be mailed next week. The final placement decision will be public in May!

Your Child is Welcome!