Kizárólag a más gimnáziumokból, vagy külföldről jelentkező tanulók számára megynyílt a Központi Felvételi rendszer egyéni jelentkeztető oldala (KIFIR)

További információ az egyéni jelentkezésről és regisztráció:
Az általános iskolákban az osztályfőnökök végzik a jelentkeztetést!

Dear Parents

We are happy to inform you that the individual application process is now open/available through the KIFIR central application system. This is only for students applying from 1. other Hungarian secondary schools or 2. foreign schools or 3. Hungarian schools where the staff refuses the administration of application. For everybody else the current Homeroom teachers at your primary will administer the application. If you need further assistance please write to

Information needed for individual registration at Hungarian Secondary School Admission System (KIFIR):

Note that every entry should be identical to the official ID documents (Birth Certificate, ID card, Passport etc.)

A)      For the preliminary registration you have to go to:

Here you have to provide the following details:

E-mail address

User name


Confirming password

Please tick the box that you read it and give consent

Push the registration button


B)     With your user name and password now you can reach:

Here push the „Add student” button: +Tanuló hozzáadása

You will see a new pop-up window and fill out the form:

  1. Oktatási azonosító number: only for students in Hungary- for foreign students please tick the unknown box
  2. Family name of student
  3. First name of student
  4. Place of birth
  5. Date of birth
  6. Type of application: please choose the last item: 9th grade

Then push the SAVE button (Mentés)

C)       A new window will appear: Personal data sheet

You have to provide information about the primary school:

  1. OM identification number (only applies to all schools in Hungary - you may omit this section if you come from a foreign location

Push the blue save button

D)     Below continue with the personal data section

  1. fiú/boy or lány/girl –mark the appropriate
  2. Mother’s maiden name
  3. Citizenship
  4. Secondary citizenship/ 2. állampolgárság
  5. Permanent address
    1. country
    2. post code
    3. Name of street
    4. House number

        6. Name of contact person box / Értesítendő címzett neve:

        7. If the address of the contact person is the same please press the blue button: megegyezik az állandó lakcímmel

        8. Contact email address:

        9. Contact telephone number:

Push the blue save/mentés button

E)        Next section is about the applicant’s school performance

Please push the green button: Megadok iskolai eredményeket/ I provide subject grades

Here in this table please fill out the subject grades for year 7 and 8 only- additional subjects can be added by pushing the green box: saving/ tanulmányi eredmények mentése

In the first table the Hungarian language and literature, Mathematics and History can be marked and with saving this table (green button) you see the next table: please provide results for as many subjects as possible but only for the years 7 and 8!

F)        The next section is about giving information about the secondary schools you picked- please push the dark blue button: + Új jelentkezési adatok/ +new application details

A new pop-up window will ask:

OM number of selected secondary school: our number is 035349

After this please jump to the last big blue search/Keresés button and push it.

There will be 3 options appearing according to the language you want to start as a second language (beginner):

Choose the first for Spanish and push the big blue Add/+Hozzáadás button

Choose the second for French and push the big blue Add/+Hozzáadás button

Choose the third for German and push the big blue Add/+Hozzáadás button

When you push the Add button it turns into green and says “Successfully saved!/ Sikeres mentés!”


G)      You close this window and return to the main page:

Push the final blue button with a floppy disc: „saving and closing the application process/ Tanuló adatainak véglegesítése”

A new pop up window will appear about confirming that the application will be signed by both parents (first option) or I possess the consent of the other spouse (second option) or I am the appointed sole guardian of the child and I have the proper document to prove it (third option) or the signature of the other parent is impossible due to missing or death (fourth option).

Please mark the appropriate option and push the green button: finalising the application/ Tanuló adatainak véglegesítése.

H)      After this on the main page you will see a a big BLUE button: Personal sheet/ Tanulói adatlapPDF Push this button and print out the document. You have to sign and post this document to the folowing address:

Oktatási Hivatal 9001 Győr, Pf. 694. before 19 February 2021. 

I)        Next please push the big RED button: Application sheet/Jelentkezési lapPDF- print, sign and send this document to the BME Secondary School before 19 February 2021.

Please note that the ultimate deadline is 19th February 2021!


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